Friday, June 24, 2011

Updated Miniatures

Ok, I've finally managed to take some images of my work.  Do digital cameras eventually go bad?  I just can't seem to get this old Canon Powershot G6 of mine to work as I know it should.  Really sucks, because I don't have the funds to afford a new digital camera.

Anyway, a few pieces.

The Orc Butcher is an old Rackham piece.  It's too bad they're not producing any more, as Rackham had some of the finest sculpts I've ever worked with.  Also some of the worst, but artistic-wise they were tops.

The paladin is an older Reaper Miniatures piece, and will be thrown up on eBay.  I'm not a fan of source lighting figures, and I really should have replaced the blade rather than leave it with those flames.  Just not a fan of those, but overall it is a solid piece.

This is a Warhammer High-Elf hero that I converted to represent my character in the current campaign I'm in.  The trident is a custom-sculpted piece and was quite a challenge.  But I'm happy to have this one on the table in front of me.

This last piece is another Reaper Miniatures piece for one of my gaming group.  This is representative of a elven female rogue/wizard in our group.  A very nice piece, simple yet elegant. 

That's all for now...

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